Protect Ohio’s Assets and Natural Resources

Provide adequate funding to protect our natural resources: our parks, lakes, rivers, forests and green areas. Fight to stop the sale of our state’s assets like the turnpike and lottery as a one-time stopgap measure to fund the operating budget.

Honor Those Who Keep Us Safe

Honor and protect the men and women who protect us abroad and at home while they work to keep us safe in our homes and communities. Protect the rights of our military retirees who live and work in Ohio with bills like HB 106. Enable service members to do their jobs without worrying about their rental payments and allow women who desire to serve their country to do so fully and completely.

Protect Consumers & Homeowners

Protect consumers and homeowners from those who try to take advantage of them. Continue to fight to help homeowners and renters to remain in their homes and avoid foreclosure. Protect consumers from scams, rip-offs, and predatory lending practices.

Fight Against Cuts to Police, Fire and Other Vital Services

Fight state policies which would force local governments to cut vital services like police and fire protection, snow removal and garbage pickup. Stop pass-the-buck budgeting by protecting local governments from drastic cuts which will force them to raise property and income taxes.

Ensure Quality Care for Older & Disabled Ohioans

Open opportunities for our parents and grandparents to age at home or in the community, while maintaining quality care for those who enter a nursing home. Pursue policies which would enable family members to care for their loved ones at home while expanding assisted living care in Ohio’s communities. Ensure our parents and grandparents are given excellent care and treated with the respect they deserve by adequately funding nursing homes.

Ensure a High Quality Education for all Children

Work to ensure that all of our children have the opportunity for a high quality primary and secondary education by adequately funding our public schools and reducing reliance on local property taxes. Fight cuts in funding for pre-K education and the elimination of all day Kindergarten.

Fight for Affordable Healthcare for All Ohioans

Fight for affordable healthcare for all Ohioans, while protecting Medicaid coverage for our most vulnerable citizens. Fight to preserve the gains previously made, such as bringing down the cost of open enrollment for people with pre-existing conditions and allowing young adults to remain on their parent’s insurance plan until age 28. Protect Medicaid optional services for those who are most in need.

Create, Maintain & Attract Good Paying Jobs

Work aggressively to create, maintain and attract good paying jobs to Ohio. Work to preserve current initiatives like the wind and solar tax credits, the film tax credit and the Third Frontier. Pursue additional job creation initiatives such as HB 43, the expansion of the Venture Capital Authority and HB 44 to incentivize lenders to open credit availability to small businesses.

Keep College Tuition Affordable

Keep tuition affordable so our young people are not forced out of state, while better utilizing our community colleges to re-train unemployed workers for jobs currently available. Fight to avoid a return to the past cycles of spiraling tuition costs.

Protect the Rights of All Workers

Protect the rights of all workers to join together to collectively bargain for wages, benefits and terms of employment. Fight the passage of SB 5, an unprecedented attack on working families which will remove the careful balance that currently exists between management and employees.

Paid for by The Kevin L. Boyce Committee
Mary Ellen Withrow, Treasurer • 1480 Dublin Rd., Columbus, OH 43215